Tour in the city of Lavrion

Tour: French company, French stairs, Chaos (Mines Tunnels), Miners’  Houses, Ancient Theater, Lavrio Town (Walk-Market) Ancient Temple of Poseidon. (Package: 3-4 Hours)

French Company, French Stairs, Chaos (Mines Tunnels), Miners’ Houses

1. In 1864, the French company Roux-Serpieri-Fressynet was founded by the Italian minerologist Giovanni Serpieri and the French financiers Roux and Fressynet based on the study of the minerologist Andreas Rondellas on the richness of the subsoil of the area, buy from the Penteli Monastery and the Keratea community over 11,000 acres in the area of Lavrio.

Ancient Theater of Lavrio

2.Thorikos Theater dates back to the late Archaic period (between 525 and 480 BC) and is considered the oldest preserved theater in Greece. It is situated on a hill, just before the nortn entrance of the town of Lavrio and has easy access.

Town of Lavrio

3. Lavreotiki spans the southeast of Attica. The area has traces of inhabitance from as early as the Neolithic period, as it has always attracted people due to the rich in minerals subsoil. Probably the very name “Lavrio” comes from this subsoil, from the word “laura” or “lauri” which means “narrow”

Ancient Temple of Poseidon

4. At the Cape of Sounio the Athenians built a sanctuary surrounded by a wall. The sanctuary included churches dedicated to the gods of the city. The main temple was dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea. It is a temple of Doric style and is the only temple that has survived to this day.